Projects in Spring 2017 Archives Courses

I would like to share the upcoming course projects in my classes that I will be teaching this Spring:

LIS 665-01 Projects in Digital Archives
The course project will focus on creating an online exhibition around an oral history project called “Civil Rights in Brooklyn Oral History Collection,” in collaboration with the Brooklyn Public Library Special Collections. This project will involve reformatting of compact audiocassette and making available an exhibition online for BPL. The finding aid for the collection is available on BPL’s website.

LIS 625-02 – Management of Archives and Special Collections
This course project will involve paper processing of archives of Pratt Institute School of Information, that are housed in the basement of the Pratt Manhattan Center and will soon need to be relocated with the basement and ground-floor renovations of PMC that are to begin this summer. Records document school activity from the 1960s through 2000s. Student will assemble an exhibition on the 6th floor of records based on their research and records uncovered. Course project involves appraisal, arrangement, description, and enhancing a DACS/EAD-compliant finding aid: Pratt SI records on AtoM.

LIS 635-01 – Archives Appraisal, Acquisition and Use
This course will focus on students creating a work of original research in the field of archival studies. Students will evaluate a tristate area archive with respect to how its mission and collection policy is expressed in its collections as well as the usability of the collection. Data collection will include: analysis of textual materials (mission statement, collection policy, finding aids, and other online materials), site visit and use of a collection, and questionnaire or interview of one or more archivists.

Photo via the Brooklyn Public Library Civil Rights Collection – retrieved from Brownstoner.

Upcoming classes @ Pratt SILS with hands-on archival projects

AIDS-at-30-ACT-UP-silence_equals_deathHello there. I just wanted to send out some information on upcoming classes at Pratt SILS that have hands-on archival projects, and what those projects are:

Summer 2015 – LIS 665 Projects in Digital Archives
The project this semester will be focusing on born-digital archives and endangered electronic media, which include records that originate on obsolete media, software and operating systems. The class will be working on materials from the History of Computing in Learning and Education in Silicon Valley, which looks to preserve and interpret documents, artifacts and stories relating to the history of computing in learning and education (e.g., educational games, early computing applications in schools, etc.).

Fall 2015 – LIS 668 Projects in Moving Image & Sound Archives
The project this semester will be transforming an analog collection of audiovisual materials into a digital archive. The class will be working on collection accumulated by the Lesbian Herstory Archives about ActUp. ActUp was an activist organization started in New York meant to draw attention to and seek greater research and development into treatments for HIV/AIDS. Most meetings were run from the nearby LGBT Center on 13th St., and ActUp is widely credited for changing the course of the global AIDS crisis.

Fall 2015 – LIS 665 Projects in Digital Archives
The project this semester will be working on preserving and making available oral histories from the Archives of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, CUNY. The oral histories document the Puerto Rican diaspora in New York, and how Puerto Ricans became a powerful group within New York City through labor unions, political activity, and social agencies. The oral histories also document the decline of Puerto Ricans in New York, as they choose to move to more affordable, sunnier locations, like Central Florida.

Fall 2015 – LIS 625 Management of Archives and Special Collections (with Prof. Cucchiara)
In this class, the hands-on component will involve working with the Greenwood Cemetery archives in Brooklyn. Greenwood is moving more from being an active cemetery to a cultural heritage site. For more information on this class project, please contact Prof. Cucchiara –

Fall 2015 – LIS 625 Management of Archives and Special Collections (with Prof. Cocciolo)
In this class, the hands-on component of this class will be working on the 125 years of archival records related to Pratt SILS, which is celebrating its 125 anniversary this year. The SILS records document the school going back to 1890, and include an extensive array of student records from its earliest days. As SILS is the oldest LIS school in North America, the records illustrate the emergence, growth, and changes within the field of library and information science, and document SILS’s contribution to the LIS workforce and growth of libraries globally.

Fall 2013 Courses

The LadderI am excited that a new semester is right around the corner. This semester, my classes will be working on projects with the Digital Public Library of America, the American Jewish Historical Society, and the Lesbian Herstory Archives.

One project we we will be working on is creating a digital archive of oral history video recordings of members of the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), which was the first lesbian civil and political rights organization in the United States (founded in 1955 in San Francisco, and ending in 1970). DOB published the serial “The Ladder” (cover shown to the right), which was the first nationally distributed lesbian publication. The stories contained within the oral histories touch on issues of 1950s social oppression, feminism and women’s sexuality, and provide a timely contrast with recent legal and cultural developments related to LGBT populations, such as the overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act and California Proposition 8 by the U.S. Supreme Court.

For information on the other projects, check-out the course syllabi:

LIS 665-01 Projects in Digital Archives
LIS 665-02 Projects in Digital Archives
LIS 697-03 Projects in Moving Image and Sound Archiving