Seeking a Graduate Assistant

I am looking for a Graduate Assistant (GA) for the Fall and Spring (must be a current Pratt SILS student).
The GA will support my research and teaching activities in a series tasks that require research skills, coordination/management skills, as well as computer skills.

This is a flexible 10-20 hours a week position, paying $12.00 and hour, where the work can be completed remotely or on-campus. The position may require a few trips to Brooklyn throughout the semester.

Ideally I would like a student who has as many of the following qualities as possible:

1. Interest in emerging technologies and their applications within libraries and archives (e.g., digital archives, digital libraries, social media, etc.)
2. Excellent communication and coordination skills. We will be working with outside groups for class projects, and the GA should be able to provide logistical and management support for this project.
3. Interest and ability to work with a LGBT community organization
4. Good computer skills, including enthusiasm about trying out new software and applications, or creating engaging websites.
5. Good writing, and in particular, good editing skills.
6. Ability to conduct independent research, particularly literature searches.

If interested, please send me an e-mail along with your CV.

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