Fall 2009 Classes

I am teaching two classes this Fall at Pratt: Digital Libraries (LIS 693) and Library Use and Instruction (LIS 673). Here are the details on each:

Digital Libraries [ Download Syllabus ]
This course will cover the theoretical, practical and technical aspects involved in creating, using, and deploying digital libraries. Students will study the evolution of digital libraries, consider the relationship between digital libraries and their socio-technical environment, and collaboratively design a digital library or a new program or service related to digital libraries. Students will be asked to think creatively and critically about the future of digital libraries and where to best direct future development effort.

Library Use Instruction [ Download Syllabus ]
Education in libraries has focused extensively on: 1) bibliographic instruction (e.g., teaching patrons how to use the library resources), as well as 2) information literacy (e.g., teaching skills needed to evaluate and use information). This course will consider teaching and learning in these areas, but also ask student to think creatively and critically about new areas where teaching and learning could be applied. Essential questions include: 1) how can we make libraries more educational?, and 2) what methods are best used to achieve this goal? Student will engage in a design project that will ask students to collaboratively design a “filter” to help individuals and communities deal with the feelings of “information overload,” and then teach the class how to use this filter.

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