Upcoming course projects (Fall and Summer 2016 semesters)

umaticBelow you will find the upcoming course projects that we be undertaken by my students in the Fall 2016 and Summer 2016 classes:

Fall 2016 – LIS 668-01 Projects in Moving Image and Sound Archives
The course project in this class will involve digital reformatting and exhibiting to the public the public access program Dyke TV, in collaboration with the Lesbian Herstoy Archives. Below you will find some information about the program written by Erica Titkemeyer (2013):

In 1993, Dyke TV began as an access television show created by members of the New York City lesbian community (specifically Linda Chapman, Ana Simo, and Mary Patierno) at Prince St. and Broadway in Manhattan. The purpose was to produce news segments by, for, and about lesbian individuals and communities throughout the United States. The founders more specifically wished to document “rising lesbian activism and to provide a viable platform for lesbian voices to enter the realm of popular culture.” By the time the series came to an end thirteen years later in 2006, the production had reached a total of 78 public access channels , produced at least 322 total shows , and planted its office among the lesbian community in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The project will involve working with a video collection on U-Matic videotape, which is endangered because of a declining number of units available for playing the format. Past student work digitized from LHA can be found at http://herstories.prattinfoschool.nyc.

Fall 2016 – LIS 665-01 Projects in Digital Archivesbpl
The course project is expected to focus on an oral history project called the “Civil Rights in Brooklyn Oral History Collection,” in collaboration with the Brooklyn Public Library Special Collections. This project will involve reformatting of compact audiocassette and making available an exhibition online. The finding aid for the collection is available on BPL’s website.

Fall 2016 – LIS 625-01 – Management of Archives and Special Collections
This course project will involve paper processing of archives of Pratt Institute School of Information, that are housed in the basement of the Pratt Manhattan Center. Records document school activity from the 1970s and 1980s, including the deanship of Nassery Sharify. Student will assemble an exhibition on the 6th floor of records based on their research and records uncovered. Course project involves appraisal, arrangement, description, and enhancing a DACS/EAD compliant finding aid.

Summer 20pratt-disks16 – LIS 665-01 – Projects in Digital Archives
The course project will follow some paper-based archives work that has been happening in LIS 625 Management of Archives and Special Collections toward establishing a born-digital archives of Pratt School of Information. “Born-digital” refers to records that originate on computers, and there may (or may not) be an analog equivalent, such as a printout. Born-digital archiving is meant to highlight the difference from collections created through digitization, which creates surrogates or access copies of materials that originate on paper, film or some other analog medium. The goal of the class project is to apply theory to practice by creating a born-digital archives of records with permanent value that document significant activity of the school. This project will involve looking at born-digital record keeping practices as well as digital storage locations, such as network storage and removable media, and make choices collectively as a class around issues of appraisal, arrangement, description, preservation and access. Removable media that will be inspected include formats such as 5.25 floppy disks, 3.5 floppy disks, Iomega Zip disks, CD-ROMs and Mini DVs. Work will include developing digital-preservation procedures and engaging in them, such as format migrations (e.g., Wordperfect to PDF, Lotus 1-2-3 to Excel, etc.). Records that will be focused on are the oldest born-digital records, such as those from the 1980s and 1990s.

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