Welcome to my new site!

After having sworn off having a website for the last several years, I have finally decided to recant and start anew with something fresh and springy. So here it is! And what may you expect to find at this site? Well, I will attempt to avoid the minutiae of my everyday life (I will not be photographing my meals or attempting to imitate Proust) and will rather stick to the topics of my keenest interest: technology, philosophy, education– and a little art and literature to spice things up. In essence, some pedantic ramblings interjected with software development jargon. All kidding aside, I aim for this blog to form a useful synthesis relating technology to a larger theoretical and educational framework.

I will begin with a question. I read Habermas’ Theory of Communicative Action last week and I have been fixated on his conjecture that the market and administrative state are colonizing the communicatively-structured life-world (or the world of consensus seeking individuals). Although Habermas’ concern is not unique, I would like to use his conjecture as the starting point for this blog. In particular, in what ways can the Internet, with its emerging modalities (Open Source methodologies, folksonomies, social networking software) act to reinforce the life-world, or the space where subjects grow and meanings are created?

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